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    Having A Standby Generator Can Keep Your Assets Protected!

    Having a standby generator from Teck Electric for your home or business helps to put your mind at ease. There is no need to turn over a gas engine or even flip a switch because we only carry the top brand of generator, that start automatically and are already integrated with your power grid.

    Protecting your family’s food from spoilage during a power outage is one of the most beneficial reasons to buy a standby generator. Generators will also ensure your home or business security system is working at all times and in tern, protect you from theft.

    Businesses in the medical or veterinarian industries rely on centralized generators to ensure their facility equipment keeps running even in the worst conditions. Grocery stores and supermarkets also rely heavily on backup generators because during extended power outages they can lose thousands of dollars in spoilage.

    Whether you are a private residence or a business, we have custom generator options based off of your usage needs.

    We offer 24-7 emergency service 219-789-9179 with our generator plans to be sure your investment will never go to waste and you are never left out in the dark.

    What Our Customers Are Saying



    “The technicians were very understandable when explaining the unit. I feel better knowing I will have power in an outage.”


    “As we get older and lose power, it is harder now, we do not have to worry Thank God!” 

    Kenneth R. Decrescenzo

    “Very satisfied with performance of generator, service tech, bills. Did a great job on the maintenance of the generator.”